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Location: DFW, TX

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

ROADLINER Updated Pics. I have added the saddle bags, windshield, and put a POW , MIA emblem on the Trans cover.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Easy Rider Show
Keith called me up and said we were meeting up with a friend from work who just bought his first bike. Your first bike, WOW I remember that. It was a Honda trail 70... Ok, Ok I'm back. Anyway when we met up I was told it was Griff's 5th time to ride a bike. Not just his bike, ANY BIKE ! I must say I was worried. But he did great, better than some people who have been riding for years. The three of us rode a bit then headed off to the Easy Rider Show in Dallas. We met up with some more friends at the show. The show was great. It's just fascinating what people are doing with bikes these days. Some day I would love to build a custome bike. By the way, that's Keith on his '95 Fat Boy. He has it decked out ( lots of chrome ). And we've painted the engine since this pic was taken. I'll have more pics of his bike on a later posting. The next pic is of Vicki ( Keith's wife ). She too likes to ride. The pic was taken at the Hog dealer in south Ft. Worth. She said the bike she's sitting on is her DREAM BIKE ( $26,000 dream ). Go girl ! DREAM BIG ! Keith and I are hoping to get her riding her own bike soon ( save your money Keith ). Ok, back to the show. It was good. The bikes were cool, there were some Hot Babes , but the hot dog I ate sucked. Griff got a new motorcycle jacket ( I may have to find one like it, it's cool looking ). I think Griff is preaty hooked on riding. I think he spent the whole weekend on his bike ( Way to go dude! ). The time just flew by at the show. Before we knew it, it was time to go. It was a great day. And like always it's great hanging out with friends!

This pic is of Keith and Griff. It was taken at Fair Park in Dallas.

Ok, I just love short skirts on women and long hair is a plus.

Here are some of my favorite tank pics. If only I would have stayed in art class.
The things I could be doing ! Boy what a talent to be able to paint that way. I hope to one day get a paint job like that on my bike.

Area Day Rides 3
It was a nice day. Sunny skies, no wind, temp was just right, and the 4 of us headed out on a ride. Rusty and Russell met Brad and I at Justin, Tx. We headed out to Saint Jo, Tx. It's a small almost ghost-like town. But we did start to see some life start to grow. As you can tell by the sign in the pic here, any time you put "Bikers Welcome "on any thing, THEY WILL COME. And we did. I even bought some stuff ( have to support fellow bikers. ). The ride went great, but the wind started blowing hard at around 11 am (30 + mph). Russell and Brad were getting the worst of it, without a windshield on their bikes. I have a big windshield, and Rusty, well his is like an old Califorina Redwood tree planted on his bike.

Here is Russell negotiating a turn. You can see him using his training wheels ( his feet, LOL ). This can get expensive. I think he goes through a pair of boots a ride. LOL ! Here is Brad on BB2 giving the thumbs up. Let's just hope he sees that stop sign just ahead. This is Rusty with his Sportster. Check out the pipes on his bike ! Rusty had a hard time not losing things that day. His keys, a glove and ....This is me ( Elio ) with my roadliner at Saint Jo, Tx. Yes, I'm the only sane one in the group. Although the rest of the guys may want you to think otherwise. That's why I mostly ride out in front of the pack, to keep them from getting lost and .... sorry list is too large to post.Here's Russell, Rusty, and Brad. Rusty has a fettish with signs. So he asked me to take this pic. I don't ask I just take the pic. Well, it was another good ride with good friends. What more can you ask for.


Area Day Ride pics 2
This pic was taken in Munster, Tx. Mark. Martha, Bill and myself went on this ride. We met the other two bikers as we were riding. They followed us for a good part of the ride and then pulled into the restaurant with us. So we invited them to sit with us. I can't remember their names, but they were both very nice. They too were riding Yamahas. This pics was taken in Stevenvile, Tx. Mark's hairdresser said there was a new HOOTERS resaurant there, so off we went (telling Mark there's a new Hooters is like throwing a dog a bone). On the ride there was Mark, Terry and myself. After riding a few hours to get there we stopped and asked about the new HOOTERS. By the look on Mark's face as he came out of the gas station we knew someting was wrong. NO HOOTERS! We all just laughed as Mark quickly pointed out : Hey it's all about the ride! ( This is Terry on BB2 ) And it was about the ride. We tried some new roads getting there and they were great. Again a good time by all ! By the way here in the pic you see Terry sporting his new motorcycle riding jacket and helmet ( WE THINK HE'S HOOKED ! ). This is a pic of Martha, Tom, and Me. I can't remeber the town but I do recall the restaurant being fantastic ( Three Sisters Tea Room ). Here is a pic of the boys on their Sportsters. This was taken at a resaurant on Hwy 180 in Palo Pinto close to the route 4 turnoff. In the pic is ( left to right ) Mark Aussy, Robert, Mike ( he now has a Road King ), and Rusty. Here is a cool pic of Gary and me ( Gary's our action photographer ). We were crossing Lake Ray Roberts on route 455. Read what Gary's helmet says. Pic. of Mark , Martha, and Me. We were on a day ride. I can't remember the town. but I like the pic.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Area Day ride Pics 1 It started out with a very good turn out of 10 riders . We later met up with 3 more ( they had to play catch up because they had to work a couple hours that morning before they could ride ). It was a nice day but the wind was blowing pretty good. We started out on a 300 + round trip ride ( ended up being 350 ). Only 7 of us made it the whole way. The rest turned around at the halfway mark. The ride starded at my house and we ended riding just south of Paris,Texas . There are some great windy roads in the area. This next pic is at the restaurant that we ate at. thefood was good and they like bikers. It was also the only place to eat in town without back-tracking a ways to find something else.

Here are the boys who made the whole 350 mile round trip. This pic was taken in Bugtussle Tx. In the pic you have 4 Hogs, 1 Honda,and 2 Yamahas. I think every one had a great time and no one got hurt. There was a lot of peg scraping ( Gary ). I hope to see all you guys again on the next ride and for those who couldn't make it: You missed out ! But there will be other rides.