Born To Ride

Location: DFW, TX

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Another Fun Day Ride Here are the boys in front of the Stonewall Saloon in Saint Jo, TX. You can only imagine what this place was like back in the 1800's. Makes you wonder about the people who came and hung out at this saloon. This place is run down , falling apart, and closed. Too bad some of these old towns don't have the money to keep a place like this alive. It just reminds me of the song " If I Were A Rich Man". It would be nice to have the money to keep history alive. It's hard not to get into the spirt of this place: "Ok cowboy... That's my Yamaha you'r sitting on , Go back to your HOG or DRAW". Andy and Terry saying : " There's a new sheriff in town boys " Andy on his new Honda VTX 1800. He need s a license plate that says BLUBYU. Terry with his new Yamaha Vstar 1100. Terry is still kind of new to riding so he's still afraid of "Helmet Hair" ( ahhhh ) so he has a tendency to keep his helmet on for pics. We will soon fix that. Andy : " I wish I had brought my owners manual, Now how do you turn this thing when going SLOW... good thing we're out in the counrty. I hope the guys don't see me... How embarrassing" . Sorry Andy we have the pic and it's posted. Andy going down the road. This is up north west of Denton, Tx. on the way to Saint Jo.
Terry and Andy taking pics of chicken eggs. That's right, we stopped on the side of the road to decide which way to go and take some pics ...when we heard a rooster crow and there they were. There's Terry trying to move in on that rooster's harem. That rooster had 4 chickens hot on his tail. Why did the chickens cross the road ? To get the *#!%*&# away from Terry , Andy , and Elio. I can just here those chickens... Damn city boy bikers, they act like they've never seen a chicken. Let's get out of here before they act like they've never been on a bike.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Arkansas Ride 2006

Here's the gang : left to right , Elio (myself) , Andy ( girls the boy is single ) , Terry n Rondene, and Martha n Mark. This trip had 3 new bikes on it. Terry was on his new bike, a Yamaha 1100. It was also his first time to go on an overnight/weekend ride on a motorcycle. And Rondene... she's a trooper, her first time to ride and go on a motorcycle trip. Mark was riding his new '89 Kawasaki Voyager. He had just gotten back from riding his new bike from Reno, Nevada to Texas. I think he only had 2 or 3 days rest before our trip. Martha , well the Tour Deluxe is officially hers now ( woo hoo go girl ! ). Andy had his new 4 week old Honda VTX 1800 ( SWEET BIKE !!! ). This pic was taken on route 1 that takes you into Mena, Arkansas. You just couldn't ask for better weather. We stopped in Hot Springs, Arkansas the first night. Everyone was pretty tired by the end of the day. We rode close to 400 miles the first day. But after the great steak dinner we headed to town. Hot Springs is a great town. Andy and I took lots of pics. There were lots of bikers there just hanging out watching the bikes go by. Here's Terry saying : "Look Ya'll I can see Texas from here" . This pic is in the main town area of Hot Springs. If you look close you can see Andy by his bike saying " Dang, how did I hit that bug way back here" ?

Here's Andy trying his luck with the girls. He sure looks happy. I think it was his first time not to get slapped why'll trying his hand on the boob technique... Yeah, Andy you da man !

Terry saying : " It's ok everybody , stand back, I stayed at a Holiday Inn Experss last night... I can do this !

This is just a cool pic of an old abandoned general store in an almost ghost town.Here is Terry and Rondene at one of the best places to eat in the middle of nowhere . Deer, Arkansas is off of route 16 , west of route 7. They have the best onion rings there. The next few pics will be some action shots taken from my bike why'll going down the road... Enjoy. Notice the great roads, trees, and curves

It was a great trip. Arkansas is a great place to ride and just a short weekend trip to make. It has loads of fun curves, neat places to see, and some really cool out of the way small mom and pop places to eat.