Location: DFW, TX

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Another Fun Day Ride Here are the boys in front of the Stonewall Saloon in Saint Jo, TX. You can only imagine what this place was like back in the 1800's. Makes you wonder about the people who came and hung out at this saloon. This place is run down , falling apart, and closed. Too bad some of these old towns don't have the money to keep a place like this alive. It just reminds me of the song " If I Were A Rich Man". It would be nice to have the money to keep history alive. It's hard not to get into the spirt of this place: "Ok cowboy... That's my Yamaha you'r sitting on , Go back to your HOG or DRAW". Andy and Terry saying : " There's a new sheriff in town boys " Andy on his new Honda VTX 1800. He need s a license plate that says BLUBYU. Terry with his new Yamaha Vstar 1100. Terry is still kind of new to riding so he's still afraid of "Helmet Hair" ( ahhhh ) so he has a tendency to keep his helmet on for pics. We will soon fix that. Andy : " I wish I had brought my owners manual, Now how do you turn this thing when going SLOW... good thing we're out in the counrty. I hope the guys don't see me... How embarrassing" . Sorry Andy we have the pic and it's posted. Andy going down the road. This is up north west of Denton, Tx. on the way to Saint Jo.
Terry and Andy taking pics of chicken eggs. That's right, we stopped on the side of the road to decide which way to go and take some pics ...when we heard a rooster crow and there they were. There's Terry trying to move in on that rooster's harem. That rooster had 4 chickens hot on his tail. Why did the chickens cross the road ? To get the *#!%*&# away from Terry , Andy , and Elio. I can just here those chickens... Damn city boy bikers, they act like they've never seen a chicken. Let's get out of here before they act like they've never been on a bike.


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