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Monday, March 27, 2006

Area Day Rides 3
It was a nice day. Sunny skies, no wind, temp was just right, and the 4 of us headed out on a ride. Rusty and Russell met Brad and I at Justin, Tx. We headed out to Saint Jo, Tx. It's a small almost ghost-like town. But we did start to see some life start to grow. As you can tell by the sign in the pic here, any time you put "Bikers Welcome "on any thing, THEY WILL COME. And we did. I even bought some stuff ( have to support fellow bikers. ). The ride went great, but the wind started blowing hard at around 11 am (30 + mph). Russell and Brad were getting the worst of it, without a windshield on their bikes. I have a big windshield, and Rusty, well his is like an old Califorina Redwood tree planted on his bike.

Here is Russell negotiating a turn. You can see him using his training wheels ( his feet, LOL ). This can get expensive. I think he goes through a pair of boots a ride. LOL ! Here is Brad on BB2 giving the thumbs up. Let's just hope he sees that stop sign just ahead. This is Rusty with his Sportster. Check out the pipes on his bike ! Rusty had a hard time not losing things that day. His keys, a glove and ....This is me ( Elio ) with my roadliner at Saint Jo, Tx. Yes, I'm the only sane one in the group. Although the rest of the guys may want you to think otherwise. That's why I mostly ride out in front of the pack, to keep them from getting lost and .... sorry list is too large to post.Here's Russell, Rusty, and Brad. Rusty has a fettish with signs. So he asked me to take this pic. I don't ask I just take the pic. Well, it was another good ride with good friends. What more can you ask for.



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