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Wednesday, November 02, 2005


This ia a pic. of Gary and I as we are heading down the road on our way to STROKERS ( a biker bar in Dallas ) . Gary is a good friend who I have done a lot or riding with. We have been to Sturgis , have ridden all through Colorado, Arkansas, and all through Texas. I'm telling you, Gary and I have had some good times on our bikes. He was also with me when I hit that deer in Colorado. He was riding behind me as the deer ran out in front of me.
This is a pic of ( from left to right ) Mark, Don, Gary, and me. We were riding in Big Bend, Tx. To the left of the river you have Mexico to the right The United States . Everyone should ride the Big Bend area at least once. The roads are great. The scenery is breathtaking. And if you go the end of March or in April you will have the roads to yourself.
This is Marko ( we call him Marko because we have 3 Marks in our riding group ) on what I think was his 2nd bike ( Yamaha Vstar 1100 ) He and Martha were riding in the Hill Country when this pic was taken. I Think this looks like route 337.
This Is Don , myself , and Mark. We were out riding north TX. I think north of Munster Tx. somewhere. Any way we ended up on this dirt/gravel road. We decide to take this raod thinking it wasn't very long. It took us into some deep country and it was never ending . We stopped and asked a farmer how to get to the nearest main road. Luckily it wasn't too much further. Our bikes got so dirty. Don was riding in front why'll Mark and I were eating all the dust he was kicking up with those *&&%$#!* pipes that point downward.
Here is a pic of Gary and I when we were at Sturgis. This was taken at the National Park area just outside of Keystone . The wooden bridge in the foreground was real cool. The park had some great riding with wildlife every where. It was a slow going ride but well worth the time.
On the way to Sturgis I spotted this huge corn field and I've always wanted to take a pic in a corn field. So we all pulled off and took the pic. As you can see Bill started to eat the corn so we hi-tailed it out of there before we got shot by a farmer. The pic is Gary, Bill, and I. And Thanks to Angela ( Bill's wife ) for taking the pic. I have always liked this pic. It just gets you thinking about what motorcycling is all about. Enjoying the open and often less travelled roads, the nice scenery this country has to offer, and the freedom we have to be able to do the things we love most.
Ok, here is a nice action shot. Gary took this pic when we were riding in Arkansas. As you can see , there is not much room for error if Bambie jumps out in front of you.
This pic was taken on our riding trip to Calif. I can't remember the town, but we had a lot of fun that night. The bartender ( in the red shirt ) was showing us all this stuff about whiskey, vodka, and wine. He gave us many free samples of the different qualities of whiskey ,vodka , and wine. He even brought some food back from the kitchen for us to try. A dish they didn't sell on the menu but the kitchen staff loved to make it for the employees. When it was all over we gave him a nice hefty tip and every one went home happy.


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