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Monday, October 31, 2005


Welcome And Hello Friends !
I started riding motorcycles when my dad helped me buy my first motorcycle, a Honda trail 70. I moved up to the 100 then the 125 and so on... I rode all through high school , college, and when I was in the military it was a form of escape when I was home and not on assignment. When I left the military my whole life changed. I went to work for an airline. Very shortly after that I met Karen at work and we married 2 months later. WOW, that was fast but we have been together ever since. I stopped riding for about 10 years ; I just had so many things going and at the time none of my friends rode. When we moved back to Tx. that all changed. I met some new friends. One of those friends was Byron. At the time he had a Honda Shadow. When he bought a newer Shadow he gave me ( yes, he gave it to me ) his older one to take home and ride whenever I please. We had nick-named it Black Beauty. I shared Black Beauty with another friend of mine ( Mark ). We both would ride her and shortly afterward his wife ( Martha ) started to ride Black Beauty too. Well one day Mark and I were out hanging around and we decided to go to the Yamaha dealership to kill some time and look around. Well as I sat on one bike and Mark on the other, I heard the words " I'll Take It " come out of his mouth. I first looked over with surprise ( so did the salesman ), then I thought to myself "shit I'm in trouble"! I'd always told Mark that if he bought one I'd buy one and I knew Karen was going to kill me. So I did the only manly thing I could think of, I looked over at the salesman and said, "I'll take this one". Yes, I was in trouble when I got home but later Karen became very understanding to my love of bikes and riding. Since that day three and a half years ago I have owned five new bikes. Mark has owned four and his wife Martha has owned two in the same time span. And our latest bikes were just purchased last week at a Yamaha dealership. Once again I had no intentions of buying a new bike. I was just going for support with Mark to the dealership. Next thing I knew, we both were riding down the freeway on our new bikes. Yes Im still married ! I think every man should have a wife like Karen. She's the best!

Black Beauty.....................Yamaha Vstar 650...................Yamaha Warrior

This Pic was taken down in the Hill Country just west of Austin Tx. On Route335. If you have never been to Tx. and your passing through. Routs 337, 336, and 335 are some of the greatest roads Tx. has to offer. Come back next week and I'll have more Pics and stories.



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