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Monday, October 31, 2005

Yes, it happened again. I was going for support with my friend Mark to look at this new bike he was thinking of getting. He wanted to ride his motorcycle there just in case he decided to trade his in for the new bike. So off we went. He was on his Venture and I was on my Warrior. As we arrived at the dealership they had his bike out front ready to take for a test ride ( he had called them ahead to let them know he was wanting to test drive it ). The bike looked really good out in the sun light. It was a pearl white color and in the sun the pearl paint really stands out. I even thought it was nice! And Mark and I have different taste in motorcycles. As we were pulling up and saw his bike outside, right next to his bike was another new bike. It was also pearl white with tons of chrome on it. The combination of chrome and White Pearl Paint shining in the sun was just too much for me. As soon as I got off my bike I went straight over to it by- passing Mark's bike that we had come to see. I was giving it a good look over. She was a brand new line and design for Yamaha. They designed her with a retro look to match some 30s, 40s, and 50s styles. I could not believe all the chrome she had on her. The more I looked the more I liked. All the sudden I heard Mark say, " What are you doing? We're here to look at my bike" ( referring to the one he was thinking of getting ). I said,"I know , I know" and I went to look over his bike. As we were looking over his bike the salesman came out to greet us. He said, " She's ready to go; here's the keys. " I interrupted the salesman and asked ," What is this bike? " He explained it was the new RoadLiner S and it was a new design for them. As Mark prepared to take his bike for a test drive the salesman asked me if I wanted to take the Road Liner for a test drive. I thought about it and just said, " NO. " As Mark was off on his test drive the salesman asked me if I wanted to sell my Warrior. I said, " not really." He said, " What if I can give you a good price on it?" I said, " you let me know what your willing to give for it." So he went in- side and later came out with an offer. I said I needed more than that. His second offer... well I couldn't pass up. By this time Mark was back from his test drive. So he and I went on a second test drive with him on his bike and I took the Road Liner. WOW, I shouldn't have done it. I fell in love with the bike. And the Road Liner is not the normal type of bike that I would be intrested in. But it just felt great. Had the the power I would like in a cruiser ( 1900 cc). Handling, it's no sport bike; but for a cruiser it did great. The only thing I wish the tank was a little bigger but don't we all. Yamaha says it will get close to 200 miles to the tank. It only holds 4.5 gallons . But I guess if I get 40 or more miles to the gallon on her I will be happy. The Warrior had a 4 gallon tank and at 120 miles I was almost out of gas. So this would be somewhat of an improvement. Her polished rims are beautiful. Her big headlight will take some getting used to but it has somewhat grown on me already. At night it lights the street like a car. The pipe is somewhat quiet until you get on the gas, then it comes to life with a little deep louder tone ( but not anything like the Warrior ). I have orderd a windshield, saddle bags and back rest for it. Unfortunately it wont be until Dec. or Jan. that they will be available. The funny part was when I called Karen to tell her I had bought a new bike she was very understanding ONCE AGAIN !. So there we were two friends just going to the motorcycle dealership to check out a bike and a couple of hours later we are both heading home with TWO new bikes. It's also funny that our bikes are the same color. So, okay you Harley friends of mine I know it's not a HOG and Hogs are all you guys think about, but hey, it's still a motorcycle. Who knows maybe one day I will come home with a new Hog. Anyway I can't wait to get out and start riding it. I'll close with a few more pics of the bike. Just to let you know, she looks good in the pics. But she lookes even better in person. And as soon as Mark gives me some pics of his new bike I will post them here too.


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