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Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Ok you guys. You keep asking for more BIKES AND BABES pics. So here you go. Hope you like them. This first one was taken at Sneaky Petes. It's on Lewisvile Lake in Texas. During the summer it's a hot place to check out babes! This next pic is of my Warrior ( Oh yeah ! and a very Hot Girl on it ! ) This pic was taken in my garage. The next few pics were also taken in my garage. How I Love My Garage ! The same girl is on one of my friend's Texas Chopper. It's a great Bar bike ! I have had to ride it home for him a few times when he has had too much to drink. At least he calls me when he knows he's had too much. And it's fun to ride. Who knows maybe one day I'll get a chopper or build one. I know you guys are wondering who the girl is. Well, I'll just keep you guessing. And No I will not set you up with her. She's married ( Ok stop your crying ! ).
Here is Mark with a few of the Ticket Girls. As you can see he's trying to look Studly. Lets see, what's your favorite color, yellow or white. Boy, tough choice when looking at this pic.

I can't remember her name but she's one of the girls we go see at Twin Peaks. She's very sweet and YES she loves to ride motorcycles. She once said she would like me to take her for a RIDE ( YEAH BABY ) !
This is Kimberly. She's my Favorite ( All the girls that work there are nice ). I mostly ask for her when she's working. She always gives me a big hug when we show up. And she always has a story to tell. She's up front and we know most of her life story. She's GREAT !
Tom and I at Twin Peaks. As you can see by our faces we are having a good time ( Wouldn't you ? ).
This is at HOOTERS in Fort Worth. I think they wanted me. But I played hard to get ( Somebody please wake me up ! ).

Ok, I leave you with this last pic of Me, Candy, Jackie and ?... ( WOW, I must be getting old if I can't remember a good looking girl's name ). Well I hope you liked the pics. I'll have some more pics on a later day. I hope to get some more pics of the Twin Peaks girls'.


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