Location: DFW, TX

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Area Day ride Pics 1 It started out with a very good turn out of 10 riders . We later met up with 3 more ( they had to play catch up because they had to work a couple hours that morning before they could ride ). It was a nice day but the wind was blowing pretty good. We started out on a 300 + round trip ride ( ended up being 350 ). Only 7 of us made it the whole way. The rest turned around at the halfway mark. The ride starded at my house and we ended riding just south of Paris,Texas . There are some great windy roads in the area. This next pic is at the restaurant that we ate at. thefood was good and they like bikers. It was also the only place to eat in town without back-tracking a ways to find something else.

Here are the boys who made the whole 350 mile round trip. This pic was taken in Bugtussle Tx. In the pic you have 4 Hogs, 1 Honda,and 2 Yamahas. I think every one had a great time and no one got hurt. There was a lot of peg scraping ( Gary ). I hope to see all you guys again on the next ride and for those who couldn't make it: You missed out ! But there will be other rides.


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