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Saturday, February 11, 2006

BACK BEAUTY 2 update !

Here is another victim of Black Beauty 2. On the bike is Raul, a long time family friend. Me, Raul and his brother Ruban have been friends since I was about 7 or 8 years old. I finally got Raul riding not too long ago. He spent a good part of the first day just learning stop and goes ( He's the first guy I know to forget to put his foot down when he stopped ). I was a little scared at first but on the 2nd day he was off and running. We even had him out on the back country roads riding. Well as you guessed it he's hooked. He hopes to have his own bike one day. Until then he'll ride BB2 whenever he's in town visiting.

This is BB2's second victim Terry. Terry is a friend and neighbor. Terry was telling me one day that he would like to start riding. When I asked him if he ever rode before he said yes. From the first time he got on the bike you could tell he had ridden. He's a great rider and we have been out a few time on some nice long day rides. We try to ride every Thursday when the weather is good. The next few pics are of the last ride he and I went on. We encountered this very large bird on route 373 just north of Munster, Tx. Luckly we saw him from a distance on the road and were able to slow down and pass him safely. Well I just couldn't help myself. I had to get a pic of a TX size bird ( Everything is big in TX. ). I got as close as I could without pissing off the bird too much. This next pic was taken at Saint Jo, TX. Not much there but it has a neat little town square that's almost like a ghost town . This last pic was taken in Forestburg, Tx. It too is like a ghost town, but at least there is a gas station there. The weather was great and so was the ride. Terry really enjoys riding and he's great to ride with. I'm sure I'll have a lot more pics of rides to come. I might even call it ET Rides ( ET, short for Elio n Terry ). Hey, that just might make for a good weekly ride segment. And we could even have guest riders like... Arnold Schwartzenaeger( but he'll have to get his license first ), Jay Leno, Peter Fonda......... OK, Ok I'll Wake Up. We'll just have to settle for guest riders like Marko, Martha Babe, Mark the Honda man with his side kick : The Marlboro Man (Don), Psycho Gary, The HOOTER Man ( TOM ) and if we can get him to take a day off Henry the ....... ? ( we will soon have a name for him ). So stay tuned for further datails on this new and upcoming segment. If you wish to appear as a guest please write to:
ET Rides
007 Back Roads
Out of This World , TX



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