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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

DOGS on HOGS bike rally.
Here's the wild bunch ( we're missing 3 from the pic + the girls ). We all headed out Saturday morning. It was cloudy, streets were a little wet, but no rain. It had just stopped raining about 8 that morning ( we left at 9am ). It was a great ride, Keith led the pack through speed traps at 80+mph. I guess cops just took one look at Keith and said " I ain't stopping no Hells Angels." Yes, Keith your biker looks paid off! We all met at Keith's & Vicki's house. In the pic you see Rick, Jim, Griff, and Ernie Doing what bikers do best... EATING. It was a quick stop to eat ( I was starving ) and on we went. Here's Vicki batting her eyes trying to pick up Keith. Hey, Vicki here's a hint: your married to him. You already have him. Here we are busting through a radar trap. I can see Pete saying to the cops, " Officer I didn't know this bike could go that fast. " Ok, who looks better- me or the bike. Sorry Jim, the Bike ! Brad saying: " I need more power Scotty." By the way whoever said you need to look in the direction you're going. I'm Bad , I know it, I'm bad. Rick, your bike is bad. Yeah buddy "be the bike" ! MIB... The good guys dress in black remember that, ( here come the Men In Black ). He's just a good old boy, never doing no harm, been in trouble with the law since the day he was born. DUDE, the peace sign is like, way out-dated; come up with something new. Vicki you're the BABE ! You can do no wrong ! By the way you would look better on a white bike ( LOL )Oh honey let me drive. No dear this is a man thing. Hogs and men go together. Here we are at Vicki's parents house. That's her dad ( POP ) in the white shirt thinking... There goes the neighborhood. I thought I taught my daughter how to choose her friends a little better than that. As Vicki has a choke hold on Keith, she's saying... "Ok, remember I don't care where you get your appetite as long as you come home to eat". And you can see Vicki's sister saying to Randy... "Yeah, remember that too Harley boy". All right sis, the boys are gone. Lets take their bikes and check out the sights! YEAH BABY ! WHO'S THE MAN ! That's right you guys go play, I'm staying here with the two hottest girls at the rally !!!!!! ( I'M NO DUMMY ) Just some happy campers. And there's POP thinking... Funny thing, this looks a lot like my camper. Rick... I think this goes here. Jim... No it goes here. Hey, where did that pole come from. Terry... What the heck is Elio doing with that pole between his legs. Elio... Wait I got it, I got it. POP saying... Honey, as soon as we're done eating we are out of here. I am not getting stuck with the bill this time. SORRY BOYS ! That's all you get. POP... You know Vicki I take back everthing I said about your friends. They're a really good fun bunch of guys. And they sure know how to party, especially that short one with the camera. What's his name... Olio, Orio, Julio, Leo... No, officer I only had one beer but can you help me back to my camp sight. I seem to have lost my way. By the way where are we again? Quick take the pic before I fall over, AGAIN ! HI, this is my first time at a bike rally and the boys back home will not believe me unless I take a pic with a really hot girl. Oh by the way, Do you like Yamahas?..... SLAP ! Guess not. But thanks for the pic. OK LADIES ! Who needs some beads !

It was another great trip with good friends. It was a great place to people watch and say "I can't believe I just saw that". As you all know I have a bunch more pics of the rally. But I can't post them here ( my sisters' kids check out the web site at times ). I will be happy to send them to you e-mail or I will copy them to a CD and send them to you. Just e-mail me. Safe riding, make good friends, Keep your wife happy ( that way you can ride more ) and LETS GO RIDING !



Blogger melissa lambert said...

No way you have a bike!!! You have to hook up with us sometime. Randy and I ride ALL the time!!!

Hope to see you at the reunion but if not drop me an email and lets ride sometime!

Melissa Joiner Lambert

1:42 PM  

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