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Thursday, April 06, 2006

This was Tom with a Bad Idea ( LMAO ) ! He explained that he never thought the mud hole would be that deep. I should add that Tom ended up flying off the bike and landing straight in the mud. That's how he got his nickname the "Mud Dawg". Yes, he will never live this one down. He was riding Route 66 when this happened. Thanks to a truck driver who saw what happened from an overpass and called in a motorcycle accident to the Highway Patrol. Tom was greeted not just by the Highway Patrol , but also the paramedics ( a female medic ), and a wrecker. I can hear them all saying ( after Tom left ) " WHAT WAS THAT GUY THINKING "! So the next time you see a mud crossing just remember, Tom already had that idea and it DIDN'T WORK ! So just turn around and find another way. Hey, since we are on the subject of bad ideas, here is another one of Tom's bad ideas. In this next pic you can see him trying to pick up some girls with his sure to get %$#@ outfit ( Sorry Tom, another bad idea, LOL ). Stick to your biker outfits. Lucky for him Mara could see all through this and snatched him up for the good guy he is and not his IDEAS !

Here is Tom saying, "You know when I started this ride I had a bike"!

REMEMBER it's not about the destination. It's about the friends and the ride to the destination.



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