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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

ROUTE 66 part 2

Welcome back to part 2 of ROUTE 66. As you can see just about every sign we came upon with route 66 on it we took a pic of it or with it. The little town of Seligman, Arizona was one of my favorite towns. Tom and I hung out for about 1 1/2 hours. We met some other bikers. Tom started talking to a local guy. Me, I walked around the whole town and talked to the shop owners. It was A GREAT TIME ! If you are ever going down Hwy 40 in Arizona you need to stop by this town, you will be glad you did. And if you do you need to see and visit with Bob , John, and Angel. They have the best hamburgers and the coolest stuff to look at as you sit and enjoy your burger. Make sure you check out his SNOW CAR. John gave me a ride through the town in his Snow Car. I have to say that was one of my highlights of the trip. John's brother Angel has a barber shop in the town just two buildings down. Angel has been cutting hair since 1947 at the shop. All three of them are the nicest guys you can meet. But watch out for the mustard bottle, they get a little crazy with the mustard.

This is their hamburger shop. The famous Snow Car. Their Dad built the car and it's a fun wild ride. Just hold on. Here we are going through town ( inside car view ). Check out the climate control thermostat at the bottom left. Now that's style ! Bob and John at work ( remember the mustard bottle ). Here is Angel saying, " Go ahead make my day. Want a haircut? " These brothers help keep the history of Route 66 alive and we thank them. Ok, so maybe their bathroom facilities need a little help , but who goes to a restaurant just for the bathrooms ! Hey I'm thinking of up-grading to a bigger bike. You think they'll take the Hog as a trade in.Just another cool place in town to hang out. Hey, I still think we're going the right way. Here is another one of those signs. We must be getting ready to climb a mountain, this one has wings on it. ( Yep, he scares me too you guys ) Look Mom, I found my twin brother. This is a '57 corvette. The same year Tom was born. Too bad Tom's not in as good of condition as the car ( Sorry, Tom I just had to say that. ) Elio, come check out what I traded the Hog in for! Yeah, Tom you always did say you wanted American steel... that's a lot of steel. We'll just hook it up behind the Yamaha and I'll pull you home. This bike is so well balanced you don't even need a kickstand. NOT !!!!! Yes, he dropped the bike 2 times on the trip. Again, PLEASE don't try this at home. Tom and Gary are professionals at dropping their bikes. It takes Great skill ( NOT ! ), lack of concentration, a forgetful mind, and a full understanding of the phrase " I don't know what happened. " to do this. Again please don't try this at home. Leave this part of riding to Tom & Gary. BAD BOY, BAD BOY what cha gonna do. What cha gonna do when she......for you! Well, I hope you have enjoyed the pics and were able to imagine yourself on the trip with us. It was a great fun trip. We had no rain to speak of. It was a little cool in the mornings but we were real men and rode on. I know Tom hated my 6:30am wake up calls but it made a new man out of him ( LOL ), and there were roads to ride and things to see. I have so many more pics about 400 + so you know I can't post them all. But I will from time to time post a few of the better ones. Ride Safe, Keep It Up ( the bike that is ) and Let's Go RIDING !


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