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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

At Sturgis you see... Well you see everything ! All types of people, all types of bikes, all types of food and the fun never ends. Of course all bikers like to see women on bikes and Sturgis has plenty of those ( Me, I just like to go to see all the bikes... LOL ). So, the next few pics. are of the types of babes and people you will see at Sturgis. Of course I only took these pics to please all my friends in the motorcycle world who could not make the trip with us ( If I would have thought only of myself I would have only taken pics. of the motorcycles... LOL ). So enjoy... By the way I did hand out to all these girls the phone numbers to all my single friends back home. So if you get a call you can thank me later.

I just love short skirts on girls ! I think they wanted me !!!Here's Griff showing HE'S THE MAN ! Here's Keith demonstrating he still has it. " Look boys, I'll just hang out by the bar and watch. They'll just come to me ". This just isn't right. I did all the talking to get this girl to take a pic with us and then she turns and kisses Keith. As you can see by Griff's look on his face he feels left out too. I just love a short white skirt or shorts ( did I say that already? ) Here's Griff saying " Yes, she's just about the right height " Ok... At this point I'm thinking I need to grow my hair long. This girl was HOT ! Griff with long hair, Keith with long hair, and the girls were going for it. Whoever said the Fabio look was out needs to tell the women that too ( Ok, so I was feeling a little left out... LOL ). Ok... Short black skirts... I just love short black skirts ! Yep, she wanted me. What can you say, some guys have all the LUCK ( or should I say the HAIR )...LOL. Uh...Ok... Short plaid skirts... I just love short plaid skirts ( REALLY! ). Here's Keith with his Austin Power's Doctor Evil impression. Here's Griff thinking ( I know it doesn't happen often ) " I use to hate chaps but now they're starting to grow on me". ?...Ok... Short, pink plaid skirts... with boots... I just love short, pink plaid skirts with boots !!!! Here Keith says to Griff, " I don't know what your problem is. I have always liked Chaps."
Here's Dale ( Keith's dad ). It must be in the genes. He could spot a hot-looking girl 2 miles away. She rode in on a yellow chopper. He must have chased her over a mile just to get this pic... Way to go, DAD !!!!!! YOU DA MAN !!!! Ok... short black skirts... Wait... I said that already... WHAT CAN I SAY... *&^%@#! I love all short skirts... any color , size, shape, or ... I love them all !!!! ( WOO HOO ) I was going to ask her if she would turn around and take a pic with me but I just couldn't. I didn't want to ruin the view. And now for the hottest girl in Sturgis. This is Vicki ( Keith's wife ). By the way, that's my bike she's on. I will soon have more pics of her on this sight on Keith's bike. So stay tuned. Here's Vicki talking to one of the EasyRider Magazine photographers. I think I over heard him saying, " Girl, you need to be in our Mag. You would look so good on a chopper." Ok, I know what you girls are saying... " What about us girls? Where are the pics of all the hot guys at Sturgis ?" I understand , I really do. So I took this pic just for you girls to drool over. He is a Sturgis regular, goes every year, and I think he holds the record for the most requested man at Sturgis to take a pic with. Girls, because I think about you too and I try not to make this websight ( blog ) just one-sided ( you know, the man's point-of-view of things all the time ), I waited in line for hours to take a pic of this guy. So enjoy!!! You can thank me later.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed the Sturgis Babes pics. I thank all the girls for taking the time to humor us guys by taking pics with us. They made our day and our trip. And Sturgis would be nothing without them ( of course I still only go to see all the bikes... and I only look at Playboy for the articles ). Bikes and Babes- a combination plate I would order any day.



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