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Saturday, December 23, 2006

TOY RUN 2006
It was a great toy ride! Weather was just perfect!! They had the largest crowd yet. Some 65,000 + bikers riding together to make under-priviledged childrens' Christmas a little better. The toy run had over 1 million toys donated and just over $100,000 cash money donated on Sunday's toy ride. WOW ! Way to go TEXAS BIKERS !!!!!!!!

Here is the gang. We had 9 riders, 3 passengers and Keith's mom , dad, and wife followed us to downtown Fort Worth in their car. Just before we rode out of town, Keith's family got a head start and drove to find a parking place along Hwy 30 to watch us all parade by on the bikes. It was the largest group I have seen yet in all the years I have been doing the Toy Run. I couldn't even begin to count all the people parked along Hwy30. All the over-passes were jam packed with on lookers. People parked all along the highway between Fort Worth and Arlington. And from Dallas to Arlington too. And so many kids came out to watch. It was such a sight! I'm telling you I put this TOY RUN as one of the top 10 things you need to do if you own a motorcycle. Yes, you know it! If there are girls anywhere around... I'M GOING TO FIND THEM ! Here you have Brad, me and Keith. Remember where there are bikers... there are girls ! Another good reason to have a motorcycle! Here's Keith and Vicki. I almost forgot to add one more to the count of those who came with us... Vicki is carrying their soon to be newborn child. I overheard Keith telling Vicki :" you better get in all the riding you can after the baby is born because when the baby is old enough to ride... YOU LOST YOUR SEAT". All the streets looked like this. Motorcycles for as fas as your eye can see. Here's Terry acting like he's the man. What he dosen't know is that we saw them first ! Here is the gang at the end of the ride. We are at the toy drop off point in Arlington, Tx. You can see the assortment of toys to be donated. Brad , Terry, and I decorated our bikes. Here is Brad on BB2. As you can see he did a great job. But he did lose 3 ornaments off the back. Here is my bike all decked out for the Toy Run. I don't know how, but we missed getting a pic of Terry's bike. It looked good too! Like I said, it was a great time! Any day you can make a child's day better...It's a good day ! I hope that next year more of you can join us.




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