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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Another day ride ! 3/24/07

This was one of those rides that just kind of turned out. Going into the weekend they were calling for rain all weekend so most people said they were not going to ride. Andrea called me on Friday and asked , " Are we going to ride tomorrow? I took the day off so I can ride". I said to her, " Well, I'll ride, but I think the weather forecast has scared everyone else". That was at about 6:30pm then at 8 pm Keth said he wanted to ride. Then at about 9:30pm Jeff called and started out the phone call with, "Hi this is one of those: you don't know me but you flew with my____ ( wife, girlfriend... I can't remember what LOL ) calls". It turned out I had flown with his girlfriend almost a year ago and had given her all my Blog info and my ph#. I told her to tell her boyfriend ( Jeff ) to call me about going riding. Well Jeff, I'm glad you didn't take too long to call... LOL. I'd just like to know how long it took him to call his girlfriend for their first date ( LOL ). Anyway I'm glad he did. I met him ( Jeff ), Dave and Dave. They are all co-workers of mine at AA, and they are a great bunch of guys. In the pic you see (left to rt ) me, Dave , Jeff, Keith, Andrea, Checo, and in the back (just behind Andrea) is Dave ( Dave 2 ).

Ok, here is Dave 2. The paint job on his bike is KICKIN ! Next time we ride I'll take better pics of it and then post them. His paint scheme is the open road. And the more you look the more you see.

Here is Andrea saying, " Hand me the camera and I'll take a of pic of you ". NO THANKS ! LOL Check out her riding style. As you will see every rider has their own foot position that feels best. This was the first time I rode with Andrea. She's a GREAT rider and a lot of fun to have around ( Claude you did good !!! ). Andrea is married to one of my old ( not meaning we are old ) high school friends, Claude. Claude and I have known each other since 9th grade. He's just one of those good old boys you can always count on. And he's been that way since high school ! I wish he rode, but riding is not for everyone. He's just the type of guy you like to have around, though.

Here is Dave 1 with his eyes closed on his Ninja. You talk about being one with his bike. Check out Dave's riding style: "Grasshopper, close your eyes and be one with the bike... feel the road and the path will reveal itself". Yeah, sorry Dave, been there done that... Does not work ! LMAO!!!!!!

Here is Jeff on his Kawasaki. You see him here demonstrating the proper sitting positions on a motorcycle. Now, if we can only get him to look where he's going ! We also found out he's a good dirt bike rider... only thing is: Jeff, your Kawasaki is not a trail bike so KEEP IT ON THE ROAD !!!LOL !!!!!!

Here's Keith with the same, I'm cool and I look good on the bike, riding style. But wait, where is the long hair? We're back on an even playing field now buddy !

Here is Dave 2 on his Hog. You can see by the smile on his face...Life is good. I think I heard him saying something about his helmet doubling as a cooking pot on camping trips. LOL

Here is Checo: Lets hope he doesn't have to turn too sharp or it's bye-bye boots. He's doing the Hang 10 sign with his hand... Hum, I don't think I have ever seen anyone do that before.

This is just a cool pic of us going down the road.
Here's Jeff saying to Dave 1, " Hey, what's up with that white Yamaha cruiser biting at the heels of your Ninja on the turns" ? Dave 1 saying, "I don't understand , when I bought the thing they said I would be able to beat the pants off any cruiser on the road" . Dave 2 saying, "Now that's funny" !

Again a great ride with great people ! We all have a passion for our bikes and the open road. Jeff, thanks again for calling me up ( a year later...LOL ) and Andrea it was great to finally hook up with you for a ride and I hope to see all you guys ( and girls ) on many more rides.



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